In order to complete your purchases from our online store (www.e-artistico.gr) you first need to choose the product you want to buy in the correct size and color, in case it comes in more than one sizes or colors and add it to your cart.

Proceed by opening the shopping cart with your order you and will see the product you have selected. You have the ability to increase or decrease quantity (if available in stock) as well as enter the coupon code (if you have a discount coupon).

By clicking on the "Complete Order" button, your platform leads to the members section where you can create a new account or proceed with your purchases as a visitor. For convenience, in case of repeated purchases, we suggest that you open a free account on our website so that the shipping and charging details that you declare are saved and you do not need to enter them every time. Also, by obtaining your account on our website for free, you will be able to see the history of your orders in detail.

Moving on to the next step, you will be asked for billing and shipping details. If the billing address and the delivery address are the same, just fill in the details in the form "Billing Address". In case shipping is not made to the same address, you can enter an alternative delivery address in the "Shipping Address" form.

By clicking on the "Next Step" button, you proceed to the shipping tab, which selects the way you want your order to be shipped to its destination.

By clicking on the "Next Step" button, you proceed to the payment methods tab, where you choose how you will pay for your order. The options you have for the payment of your order are either by bank transfer or by direct charge of your credit/debit card. In case of bank transfer, please include the order number that will be sent to you electronically with the completion of your order as a comment for the payment and send us an email with the receipt of the bank transfer. Also, in case the amount is transferred from a different bank than the receiving account, the transfer costs are borne by the customer.

By clicking on the "Next Step" button, you proceed to the control and completion tab of your order. Here is your order as well as the TOTAL cost of the order including shipping costs.

Upon completion of your order, you will be given the order number, which will be sent to you immediately by e-mail to the e-mail address you entered previously.