1. The Website "www.e-artistico.gr" (hereinafter the Website) includes an online shopping store for the presentation and sale of clothing, footwear, accessories, and other dance related products through the Internet (hereinafter the Store or the Website).
  2. All the pages of the Website "www.e-artistico.gr" and the Store attached to it belong to the company of Konstantinos Vassiliadis of Vasileios, VAT 074783219, Tax Office of Agios Dimitrios, the tax headquarters and the physical store of which is located in Agios Dimitrios, Attica, 8 Bouboulinas Street, Agios Dimitrios 17343.
  3. The Website "www.e-artistico.gr" and the respective store of the above owner are based in Greece and are governed by Greek law as to all their commercial activity and the legal consequences of their operation.
  4. The Website "www.e-artistico.gr" promotes, offers and sells its products and services under the conditions mentioned below, which govern the rights and obligations of each User or Visitor (depending on whether the user is limited to an online visit to the store, or if an online order for the purchase of products and services is placed - hereinafter referred to as the User also means the Visitor). Every User who enters and shops or uses the Services of the Store is considered to consent and unconditionally accepts the terms of use expressed herein, without exception, so he is required to read carefully and know the content of these pages in order to do so.
  5. Terms of use apply to all content on pages such as graphics, images, photographs and other information contained on the Store Website.
  6. If the User does not agree with all or any of the following terms of use, then he must at his own risk refrain from visiting, using the Services and the content of the Website, as well as completing any transaction within the store.
  7. The User is required to check the content of the Website pages for possible changes so that he can act accordingly. Continuation of the use of the Website, even after any changes in the terms and conditions, means the unconditional acceptance of these terms by the User.
  8. Navigation on the Website for the Users is free, but only the individuals who are adults and legally capable have the ability to place an order and purchase products, according to Greek Law. In the event of an order placed from a legally incapacitated or minor person, the Company reserves the right to advance the order only if it is aware of the person exercising judicial assistance or custodian and agrees to the order.
  9. The products sold through the Website are intended exclusively for purchase by Users, in the capacity of the consumer, in accordance with the law on consumer protection, and in no case are intended for resale. In case of violation of the above term, the User is obliged to compensate the Company for any damage that may be suffered by the unconventional behavior of the User.




The User can pay for his purchases through the Store using the shopping cart by charging any of his credit or debit cards (VISA, MASTERCARD, MAESTRO, VISA ELECTRON), following the relevant order of the Cardholder.

Credit card payments are made through the secure environment of Eurobank Bank where the User's details are entered, such as (cardholder's details, card number, expiration date, card authentication number).

It is noted that the information provided by the User is registered directly on the secure page of the Bank and not in the Store.

The Bank checks the details of the Card and informs the store electronically about the approval or rejection of the transaction, at the same time sending the unique code confirming the transaction that is attributed by it. With the approval of the transaction, the User is informed with a similar message of payment success by the store. In case the transaction is rejected by the Bank, then the purchase does not take place and the user is again informed of the failure.

Note: The order is made ONLY after the full amount is paid


The order needs to be fully paid for in one of the following accounts of the Store and the Store should be informed about the and payment by e-mail at info@e-artistico.gr or by phone at 210 9732290 sending as proof the receipt of bank deposit.
Please note that before the amount is deposited by the User, a telephone call must be made in order to ensure the availability of the product and agree on the delivery time.

You can pay for your order at one of the following accounts:

Ι) Eurobank
ΙΒΑΝ:    GR43 0260 6070 0000 8020 0428 953

 ΙΙ) Piraeus Bank
ΙΒΑΝ:    GR72 0172 0420 0050 4201 8915 173

In case the payment is made from another bank, all of the transfer costs are borne by the customer.

Note: The order proceeds ONLY after it is fully paid for and the bank receipt is sent to the Store via email.

The User must include the order number that will be sent electronically upon completion of the order as a reason for payment and must send an email with proof of the bank transfer.



The Return Policy and the Right of Return are applied and exercised by our Company, based on article 4 par. 10 of law 2251/1994 on consumer protection, as amended and in force today by KYA Z1-891 / 2013.


Withdrawal is the case in which the User wishes to return the product he has purchased electronically from the Store and receive the price paid (the money) in full (except for shipping costs). This withdrawal does not have to be justified and is based on the simple change of opinion of the Customer.


The User has the right to withdraw from the sale and to return the product free of charge, only under the following specific terms and conditions:

  1. The User's right to withdraw from the sale is exercised only within an exclusive period of 14 calendar days from the day of delivery and receipt of the product. After the expiration of this period, the User permanently loses the right of withdrawal.
  2. In order to exercise the right of withdrawal, the User must return the product in the original condition as upon receival exactly, as new. In particular, the product must be delivered within its original packaging, in its full form (protected in a box, wrapped in nylon, foam, etc.), not used in any way, be complete, without missing parts, not to have been torn or otherwise damaged, to have all the labels, cards, or any other form of attachment still attached to it, and to be accompanied by the Completed Return Form, along with the corresponding legal document of the sale (Invoice or Retail Receipt).
  3. The return of the product is accepted only if previously the User has paid any amount charged to the Store for the initial shipment of the product, as well as the shipping costs for the return.
  4. Before sending the products to the User, the Store carries out the appropriate quality control in all its points and keeps a complete photographic file of the product, registered with the date of electronic registration, in order to record the situation in which the product is sold to the User, and not to create disputes regarding the excellent condition of the product during delivery and receipt by our Customer.
  5. The return of the product is accepted by the Store only after a complete and meticulous quality control and after the final approval of the Store. If a product is not received in the delivered condition or during the quality control of the returned product the Store finds damage on the product which is deemed as the User's responsibility the return is not accepted and the product is returned to the User, at his expense for transportation costs.
  6. If upon receipt of the product by the User, it is found that there are any defects, which are borne by the Store due to its negligence during delivery, then the return of the product is accepted unless the defect comes from third party actions, for whose damages are not the responsibility of our Company.
    To avoid inconvenience, the User is advised to carefully check the condition of the products sold at the time of delivery and the intact packaging and label, in order to detect any obvious defects, misuse or negligent transport and delivery.
  7. If a product (or accessory) bears, when returned and delivered, the smell of perfume, after shave, deodorant, remnants of make up, lipstick, cream of any kind, it is not accepted for return and is sent back to the User, at his expense.
  8. The User bears sole responsibility for any reduction in the value of the product, which will result from any handling of it, which was not necessary to determine its nature and characteristics.
  9. Delivery costs are not refundable, if the User chooses a delivery method different from the one offered by the Store.
  10. Products that were sold with a promotional gift should be returned with it, otherwise the value of the gift will be deducted from the refunded amount.
  11. The Return Form: In case of exercising the right of withdrawal, our Customer must complete the special Return Form that he finds here and send it either to: a) the postal address of our Company at 8 Bouboulinas str - Agios Dimitrios, 17343, Attica Greece , b) or at the following email: info@e-artistico.gr.
    The Store is obliged to confirm in writing the receipt of the Return Form once it has received it.
    In case the User does not fill in the Return Form, any other clear statement regarding the content of his request will be accepted, in order to inform the Store about the reasons for the return and the way he wishes to be served. It is also necessary to contact the store manager to inform the Store by phone, definitely before any exchange or return action, at 210 9732290, on weekdays 9: 30-14.30.
    The products to be returned should be sent by courier exclusively to the address: 8, Bouboulinas srt, Ag. Dimitrios, Postal code 17343, Athens, Greece, ARTISTICO, and are only received from the courier company which carries out the delivery and in no case through physical presence (hand in hand) of the User in the Store at the above address.
  12. Cash Refund: After the declaration of withdrawal and the return of the products, the Store is obliged to return the paid amount to the User. The refund to the User must be completed within 20 working days from the date on which the Store will have received and inspected the products, under the above terms and conditions.
    In this case the user must fill in the field "Refund" with the corresponding fields in the Return Form.
    In the event that the User is charged by credit card, if the Store has received the amount from the Bank, it will be obliged to inform the Bank of the cancellation of the transaction and the Bank will take any action to refund the amount. Following this notification, the Store bears no responsibility for the timing and manner of execution of the dispute, which is governed by the contract drawn up between the issuing bank and the User. The money is deposited from the store's account, which is kept in EUROBANK. There may be deductions from the User's bank, and a possible delay if the receiving account is in a different bank than the Branch Bank (EUROBANK). The Store is not obliged to cover the expenses charged (according to the usual practice of the banks) of the financial organization with which the User cooperates, during the receipt of the amount returned.


  1. The right of withdrawal is not valid in case the User has paid the price of the products in the physical store and the products have been received from the headquarters of the physical store, at 8 Bouboulinas str - Agios Dimitrios, 17343, so the provisions on the sale from a distance do not apply.
  2. The User does not have the right to withdraw from the contract:
  1. In the case of specialized Dancing Costumes which are manufactured upon the written order of the User and are clearly personalized and exclusive in terms of design, construction, or even in a ready-made suit processed according to specifications, desires and specific individualities, or even in case the User proceeds to order online in a ready-made suit and the Store agrees to proceed with rehearsals (although this is not provided for in any case and is in no way an obligation of the digital Store).
  2. In the case of specialized Dance Costumes, which either have the bra or the lower part of the underwear as an integral part, or their base is a body or leggings and have been unsealed after delivery, so they become unsuitable for return for reasons of hygiene.
  3. In the case of Dance Costumes which have been danced in a competition or show and are in very good condition and with meticulous observance of the rules of hygiene, which are promoted to a discount offer and the price difference is clearly below his photograph.
  4. In the case of new Dance Costumes, which are promoted to a discount offer and the price difference is clearly indicated below the photo.
  5. In the case of new Dance Costumes which have a specific imperfect defect, which is determined in writing, with absolute clarity on the Website, before their purchase by the User, which are promoted to a discount offer and the price difference is clearly below his photograph


To avoid doubt and to clarify the exceptions, the Costumes included in the exceptions have a product code, consisting of numbers and letters.

More specifically:
UW: Suit with built-in underwear
PO: Suit on Offer
SHD: Worn Suit on competition or show
DF: Suit with imperceptible defect

Regarding the clothes of the SHD category, ARTISTICO as a construction company that designs and sews all its clothes itself has the know-how and at the same time the advantage of being able to maintain, process and dispose of them in a decent, if not most of the time perfect condition.


  1. In the rare case that the User identifies a defect in any product, whether the color or another code is desired, or an incorrect code has been sent, he is entitled to request a replacement of the product.
  2. In this case, the User must inform the Store by phone and send the Return Form through e-mail or post to the Store within 2 days from the day of receipt of the order, in order for the product to be changed.
  3. The Store will do its best to replace the product returned by the User in time.
  4. As soon as the Store receives the product to be replaced, it will contact the User and send back the replacement product.
  5. In case the change is not possible due to unavailability of the requested product, the Store will contact the User offering him equivalent alternatives.
  6. The Return Form: In case of exercising the right to replace, our Customer must fill in the special Return Form that can be found here and send it completed: a) to the postal address of our Company at 8 Bouboulinas str - Agios Dimitrios, 17343, Athens, Greece, or b) at the email address info@e-artistico.gr.
    The Store is obliged to confirm in writing the receipt of the Change Form.
  7. In case the User does not complete the Return Form, any other clear statement regarding the content of his request is accepted, in order to inform the Store about the reasons for the change or replacement and the way he wishes to be served. It is also necessary to contact us and inform us by phone before any further action of return or replacement at 210 9732290 weekdays 9: 30-14.30.
  8. The products to be returned or replaced are only to be sent by courier to the address: 8, Bouboulinas str, Agios Dimitrios, Athens, Greece, postcode 17343, ARTISTICO, and are to be received only from the courier which carries out the delivery and in no case through physical presence (hand in hand) of the User in the Store at the above address.


Products that lack a contractual quality or are defective can be changed or replaced based on their respective warranties.
With regard to these products, the User does not have the right of Withdrawal, which is exercised under these terms.


  1. The Store can not guarantee the availability of all of its products offered during the execution of orders. However, in this rare case we will inform our Users within a reasonable time.
  2. The Store bears no responsibility and is not liable for any damages resulting from possible delay, non-execution, cancellation of orders, regardless of the cause, including cases of higher importance.
  3. The Store provides complete information (names, description codes, photos, illustrations), for all products, available through the online store.
  4. The Store is not responsible and does not guarantee the absolute accuracy, especially of the display of the colors of the products on the screen of the User's computer, as it depends on the characteristics of each screen and computer.
  5. In no case shall the Store and its owner be liable, civilly or criminally, for any damage (positive or negative, which is indicative and not restrictive, divisive and / or cumulative, consists of loss of money, infringement of personal data, lost profits, financial satisfaction of moral damage, etc.) which may be suffered by a User of the Store due to lack of ability to use the Website, as well as for errors, interruptions, defects or delays in the operation or transmission of information through it to the internet and, in general, for any reason related to the operation, and / or use of the Website and / or in the inability to provide the products and / or information available to it and / or from any unauthorized third party interference. in products and / or services and / or information available through it.


  1. There may be promotional material and advertisements in the pages of the Store which are necessary for the smooth operation and promotion of its sales.
  2. The Store does not bear any responsibility for the User's communication with third party service providers, which are advertised on the Store's pages and for any commercial transaction that may arise from the relationship between them.
  3. The Store is obliged to examine the legality of the advertising material displayed on its pages and is obliged not to post it, as long as it is contrary to good morals or public order.
  4. The Store is not liable for third party advertisements that infringe the rights of third parties, and their responsibility lies solely with the advertisers, sponsors and / or creators of the displayed advertising material.


  1. The User can become a subscriber of our Newsletter from the pages of the Store in different places (footer, pop up, windows, etc.) from which he can receive updates for the products of the Store.
  2. Registration to the Newsletter is done by simply filling in the User's e-mail address. In case the User wishes to delete his e-mail address from the list of recipients of the Newletletter, he can click on the corresponding link at the bottom of the message he received, at which time the User's email will be automatically deleted from the list of recipients.
  3. The Store may maintain a file with the e-mail addresses of the recipients of the Newsletter for sending informational or promotional content or messages.
  4. The Store reserves the right not to register or delete any User from the Newsletter's recipient lists, without providing a reasoning or explanation.
  5. The keeping of the Archive is based on the provisions of the current legislation on Personal Data, in accordance with the following (Chapter G).


  1. All Trademarks and Service Signs and already copyrighted material as well as future material, of any kind (visual, audio, etc.), all the electronic web addresses (Domain Names), the existing and future costume designs and other products in the form of the Industrial Model, in Greece and abroad, are protected in accordance with the provisions of Greek law, European law and international conventions and treaties.
  2. All existing information and content on the Store pages, including images, graphics, photos, drawings, texts, data, software programs, design, content, format (layout) of the Store, clothing and other designs products and other information as well as the future ones that are to be implemented, are under the protection of both the Greek as well as the Community and the International Legislation on the protection of intellectual property.
  3. Based on the above, any copy, total or partial download, upload, announcement, dissemination, reproduction, storage, transmission, re-broadcast, distribution, transfer, processing, republishing, modification, resale or any other use is expressly prohibited for any Visitor or User. Commercial exploitation, both of the intangible content of the whole or part of the pages of the Store, as well as of the material goods and products of the website and any related action, in any way or means, for commercial or other purposes, is not allowed for this content.
  4. It is also expressly prohibited to mislead the public about the actual owner of the Store and the actual beneficiary of the intellectual property displayed in it.
  5. The only third parties that are excluded from the above protection are beneficiaries of the Copyright on their creations and have explicitly been provides rights the Owner with the written permission to use them.
  6. Users who infringe on the Copyright of the Store Owner shall be prosecuted for such infringement, which retains the right to claim any positive or damaging effect caused to the detriment of this, in accordance with the provisions of the existing legislation.
  9. Respect for privacy and the protection of the personal data of Users of our Website are of particular importance when designing our business policy and implementing it in our business. This Personal Data Collection and Management Agreement applies to both the business itself and the Store and covers the process of collecting, managing and processing all personal data of Visitors / Users that the Store collects in order to enable e-commerce services for the duration of the visit and the use of its services and pages.
  10. If a User does not agree with the terms of protection of personal data mentioned in this section (Privacy Policy) he must not use the services of the Store.
  11. The protection of the Personal Data of the Visitors / Users of our company and Store is governed by the current Greek and European legislation and specifically by: 1) The General Regulation on Personal Data 2016/679, which was incorporated into Greek legislation by Law 4624 / 2019, 2) Law 3471/2006, 3) Article 84 of Law 2472/1997.


A necessary condition for the commencement of a transaction between us is the gathering of some of your personal data (inputted by the User). When you place an order, we will ask for your full name, your tax registration number and the tax office to which you belong, if you wish to issue an invoice, your home address, the address to which the products will be sent, if it is different from the address home, your landline number (you can optionally let us know the second phone number you wish to use, if needed, for your best service), your email address (e-mail address). The above information is also required for the issuance of the relevant tax documents. This information is legally kept in the store's accounting office until the transaction is completed.
The Store may use - process the data collected during User Transactions in order to record their purchasing interests and to notify Users of new offers, unless the User explicitly requests that such notifications not be made. The data concerning purchasing interests of the Visitor / User will not be disclosed to third parties, except for the expressly stated exceptions to this Agreement.


The Store reserves the right for Users to request the deletion, correction and / or update of their personal data at any time by sending an email to the website address info@e-artistico.gr about changing and / or deleting the relevant records containing their personal data.


  1. The Company and the Store, without prejudice to the above-mentioned legislation for the protection of the personal data of the Visitors / Users, are not going to make any unfair use of them without your prior approval. The Store expressly declares that the personal data of its visitors / users / customers are not to be sold, rented or in any way published and / or disclosed to any other company or any third private or public body.
  2. By exception, the Store may transmit personal data of its visitors / users / customers to third parties only if: (a) it has their express consent for the transmission of their personal data, (b) the transfer of personal data to cooperating companies with the Store is necessary for the realization of the wishes and / or orders of the Users / Customers (cooperating companies have the right to process the Personal data that Store Users disclose to it only to the extent that it is absolutely necessary to complete the transaction or provide technical or material support to the Store), (c) it is required for compliance with the relevant provisions of the law and only to relevant authorities.


Visitors / Users of the Store who are found to be minors (under 18 years of age) may have access to the Services of the Store only with the express consent of their parents and have no obligation to submit their personal data to the Store, except those of their parents or their guardians. If the minor submits his Personal Data to the Store, this shall be deleted immediately. In case of submission of false data by the minor, the Store does not bear any responsibility, as it is unable to ascertain the accuracy of the data of all its Users.


    "Cookies" are small files in the form of text, which are stored on the User’s computer through the browser when they visit a website. The information stored on the computer may contain information such as the pages visited, the date and time of the visit, custom settings of the website, as well as a random and unique identification number. In no case do cookies contain personal information or information, which will allow anyone to contact the visitor of the website, by phone, e-mail, etc. In addition, using cookies does not allow access to your computer's documents or files. Without the use of cookies, it is impossible to provide specific services of the Store, such as the status of orders, the personal settings of the Customer, etc.


 With this use, our website is able to store useful information for your browsing, as well as read this information to provide you with a better browsing experience and to determine the services of the Store, which are useful or popular or favor product promotion for marketing reasons.

3. WHAT COOKIES DO WE USE AT www.e-artistico.gr?

We use cookies on our website to manage the connection periods of those users who have an account on the website. You may, if you wish, modify the browser settings to warn the you of the use of cookies in certain services of the Store or to reject certain or all cookies, except if absolutely necessary. You should be aware that some features are only available through the use of cookies and if you choose to reject cookies, these features may not be available.


The Store includes links to other websites, which it does not control in terms of availability, content, quality and completeness of the services, terms of use, policy and Terms of protection of the personal data of the Users, etc. The Store is in no way responsible for the quality, suitability, functionality or legality of such websites, which are controlled by third parties. Users expressly withdraw any claims against the Store in relation to these websites.


  1. The Store reserves the right to modify or revise at its discretion the terms and conditions of use and transactions of the Store, whenever it deems it necessary, and undertakes to inform Users of any changes through the pages of this store within a reasonable time.
  2. The User is bound by the always valid terms, as they are stated on the Website of the Store, on the date of the order.
  3. The Store reserves the right to terminate, with or without notice and at any time, temporarily or permanently, all or part of the services provided by the Website.
  4. The User understands and accepts that the Store reserves the exclusive right to discontinue, at its sole discretion, the content of the Website, to those Users who believe that they have violated the terms of use, as well as applicable Greek and international law.
  5. The User has the responsibility to access the services of the website and the relevant access may require the payment of fees to third parties. The User is solely responsible for paying the relevant fees. Also, the User is solely responsible for his personal equipment with the necessary technological means that allow him to access the services of the website.
  6. The Store declares that in no case is the information contained in the notices and documents posted on the Website appropriate for any purpose other than those specified in the operation of the Store. Each such document and related graphic display is provided "as is", without any warranty of any kind. The Store bears no responsibility or liability for any damage and / or moral damage that may result from its use.


  1. This agreement, which consists of this text, the General Terms, the Privacy Policy and the electronic forms you fill out (order form), is valid from its acceptance, as described above, and no other agreement, oral or written, is recognized governing a relationship between the parties regarding the purpose of the contract.
  2. The Store has the right to modify this Agreement at any time. The agreement has wide disclosure through the INTERNET and in this way it is always available to Users, so that they can evaluate it and judge it freely and if they wish to accept it.
  3. All communications between the Store and the User are made in writing and archived by the Store for evidence.
  4. If a part of the Terms of Use is annulled by a decision of a relevant Court as unlawful and valid, this will not affect the validity of the other provisions, which will remain in force and will continue to apply to the relationship between the parties.


  1. Failure to exercise any right on the part of the Store Owner shall in no way constitute as a waiver of this right, and conversely, he may exercise his right whenever he deems appropriate.
    2. These Terms of Use apply and be construed in accordance with Greek and international law.
    3. The one-member Arbitration Court, in accordance with the Arbitration and Industrial Chamber of the Hellenic Chamber of Commerce and Industry (EBEA), is responsible for resolving the disputes arising from the interpretation and application of the Terms of Use of the Website.
    4. In case of disputes under EUR 2,000, the competent Consumer Office of the region of the headquarters of the Store may be responsible for resolving the dispute.